Out-Box Celcom


RAP BATTLE Hotlink had just produced a music video with famous local rappers called #Geramnye. A dig at other telco providers. Celcom asked us what we could do. In classic social fashion, we produced a reaction video #Bodonye #Poyonye. TROLL MISSION. SUCCESS. We [...]

Social-led Comm Naza Kia


BEST GLOBAL PAGE. BEST AUTOMATIVE PAGE. Twice awarded the top global Facebook page by Kia Motors Corporation, and recognised locally in 2016 as the best Automative page in Malaysia. PREMIUM CONTENT From engaging product visuals to fun lifestyle videos, our creatives work [...]

Digitising-Funnel Sunway Lagoon


SCARING THE S#!T OUT OF MALAYSIAN CELEBRITIES We had a challenge. Sunway Lagoon was looking at a digital-only strategy to drive ticket sales to their annual Halloween event, Nights of Fright 2. SOCIAL CURRENCY We didn’t re-invent the wheel. We [...]

Social-led Comm Kedai Ayamas


BACK FROM THE DEAD. Kedai Ayamas is a well-known and well-loved brand. But, they have gone for years without any marketing activity. They approached us with a challenge. To utilise all their marketing budget on just social media. 1 YEAR. 3 AMAZING RESULTS. [...]

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