The talented dolphins at Dolphin are really good at wanting to be really, really good at ..


Creative Strategy
Concept Development
Campaign Big Idea
Integrated Marketing Strategy
Creative Development & Production
Campaign Activations



Campaign Strategy
Influencer Collaborations
Paid Social Campaigns
Campaign Asset Development & Production



Content Strategy & Planning
Content Creation & Production
Platform Specific Content
Content Calendar Creation
Email Marketing Campaigns



Community Engagement Strategies
Customer Support & Response Management

Brands we work with

Content Marketing

Sometimes, it’s about the right piece of content at the right moment.


Influencer Marketing

Teaming up with online stars for shoutouts that stick.


Experiences & Interactions

It’s about feeling it, not just liking it.


30+ dolphins strong, across 4 departments. Eager to make a splash.

Founder & Head of Agency: Zufar
COO: Anisa

Brand Team
Head: Anisa
Brand Strategists: Farha, Aiman
Brand Managers: Astrid, Kysa
Brand Executives: Syahmi, Arvind, Candy, TBC

Creative & Strategy
Head: Zufar
Senior Copywriter: Denise
Copywriters: Rachel, Husna, TBC
Senior Art Director: Jun
Art Directors: Nattasha, TBC

Production & Content Team
Content Creators: Iylia, Moxk
Social Writer: Scalia
Lead Designer: Ardi
Designers: Yan, Nazreen, Syed, TBC
A/V: Izham, Zakir
Community Managers: Pavie, Melissa

Corporate Services
IT/Governance Director: Zahran
Finance/HR Director: Zaidah
Admin & Support: Haikal, Atar, Erika